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Vous trouverez dans cette page toutes les chroniques réalisées par les rédacteurs de Sons Of Metal.

Pour une demande de chronique, merci de remplir ce formulaire :


6:33 – Orphan Of Good Manners (Album)

6:33 & Arno Strobl – The Stench Of The Sweling (A True Story) (Album)


A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm – La Came Crude (Album)

Abinaya – Beauté Païenne (Album)

Abysse – En(d)grave (Album)

ACOD – Another Path… (EP)

Aephanemer – Know Thyself (EP)

Aeresis – Sweet moment In Fifth Season (Album)

Aeris – Temple (Album)

Aeropigs – TV Liar (EP)

Aesmah – Imeria (Album)

Aezen- Phosphore (EP)

Agony Of The Bleeding Flesh-Everlasting Piracy (Album)

Aksaya – Troisième Guerre (EP)

Aléa – Daedalus (Album)

All Of You Down – Not Loose My Way (Album)

Almost Human – O (EP)

Amon Sethis – Part II, The Final Struggle  (Album)

An Ocean Of Void (EP)

Angher Incorporated – Phase 1: Dark City Light (EP)

Angra – Angels Cry 20th Anniversary Tour (Album Live)

Anna Sage – The Fourth Wall (EP)

Arkona -Yav (Album)

As The Storm – Alpha (Album)

Azziard – Vésanie (Album)


Bad Tripes – Splendeurs et Viscères (Album)

Barbarian Koala – Coming Down With A Crash (Album)

Baron Samedi – Avant l’Asphyxie (Album)

Barrakuda – Barrakuda (EP)

Berserkers – The End Is Nigh (EP)

Beyond The Hated – Tropaïon (EP)

Beyond The Styx – Sloughing Off The Shades (EP)

Blame -Resilience (Album)

Bomb Scare Crew – Worldwide Shadow (Album)

BreakDust – Baleful World (Album)

Breed Machine – A L’Aube du 8ème Jour (Album)

BTK – Bind Torture Kill (EP)

Bury Their Bones (Demo)


Calling Of Lorme – Pygmalion (Album)

Chabtan – Eleven (EP)

Charlie’s Frontier Fun Town – Moloko Vellocet (Album)

Chekmate -Immanence (Album)

Chelsea Grin – Evolve (EP)

Coalition – Solis Impulsio (Album)

Colossus – Lobotocracy (Album)

CoredumP- Heij Tan Mayrd (Album)

Corkage – The Sequel (Album)

Cradle Of Filth – The Manticore And Other Horrors

Crowling – Sweet Bloody Pie (EP)


Darchaic – Purgatorium (Album)

Dark New Day – New Tradition (Album)

Dawn Of Might – Implosion (Album)

Dawohl – Potestas. Ratio. Lustitia (EP)

De Profundis – Frequencies (EP)

Dead Mountain Mouth – Crystalline (Album)

Dead Side – Before Chaos (EP)

Dead Side – Sous Les Cendres (Album)

Deep Purpe-Now What?! (Album)

Defeat The Earth – Beyond Creation (Album)

Defiency – The Prodigal Child (Album)

Delain – The Human Contradiction (Album)

Derdian – Limbo (Album)

Derelict Earth -Below The Empty Skies (Album)

Devin Townsend – Epicloud (Album)

Diabulus In Musica – Argia (Album)

Digital Nova – Alpha Omega (Album)

Dirty Milf – Strike Back (EP)

Divine Side – Entity (Album)

Doberman [Crew] -Le Grand Soir (Album)

Dope Out – Bad Seeds (Album)

Doppelgänger – Anatomy Of Melancholy (Album)

Dread Union Blood – One Eyed Willie (Album)

Drone – For Torch And Crown (Album)

Duck Explosion – Zebra Pilot (EP)

Dust Bolt – Awake The Riot (Album)

DustBowl – Another Kind Of Black (Album)

Dwail – The Human Concern pt 1 (Album)

Dysilencia – Boules à Facettes (Album)


Eightfist  (Demo)

Eluveitie – Helvetios (Album)

Embaterion – The Sound Of Charge (EP)

Erlen Meyer – Erlen Meyer (Album)

Eryn Non Dae – Meliora (Album)

Evas Kiss Anger – Evas Kiss Anger (EP)

Evenline – Dear Morpheus (Album)

Eyes Of Verona – Ex-Voto (Album)


F.O.A.D – The Bringer Of Death (Album)

F.O.A.D –  Remorse…Is For The Dead (EP)

F.O.D.T – First Oppressor Death Terror (Album)

F.O.D.T – Meat & Diseases, Unreleased Chronicles From Asylum (EP)

Face Down – The Long Lost Future (Album)

Fake Messiah – Sip Of Madness (Album)

Fallen Joy – Inner Supremacy (Album)

Fange – Poisse (EP)

Farthest Theory – Humans Disasters (EP)

Father Merrin – All Is Well That Ends In Hell (EP)

Fri3nd Of Mis3ry – Agents Pathogènes (Album)

Frontal – DeathEaters (Album)


Gaiden – Joker Business II (EP)

Gamma Ray -Empire Of The Undead (Album)

Gay Truckers – Police Department (Album)

General Cluster – The Six Pack Songs (EP)

Ghouls Stone Valley -Ghouls Stone Valley (EP)

Gnô – Crass Palace (Album)

Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage (Album)

Gotthard – Bang! (Album)

Grave Digger – Return Of The Reaper (Album)

Gravity – Eutheria (Album)


Hardbanger – Foursome Tape (EP)

Haut & Court – La Vie (EP)

Heaven’s Colt – Labour Du Vice (EP)

Heavy Duty – Built To Resist (Album)

Hell Of Ride – Fast As Lightning (EP)

Hell Rules Heaven – Sinners (EP)

Hellyeah – Band Of Brothers (Album)

Hellyeah – Blood For Blood (Album)

Here Comes A New Challenger – Beat Them All (EP)

High School Motherfucker – Say You Just Don’t Care (Album)

Holding Sand- Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (Album)

Hord – The Book Of Eliot (Album)


Idensity – Chronicles (Album)

Idols for dinner – Tenants Of A Declining World (Album)

Ihsahn – Eremita (Album)

In Arkadia – Eyes Of The Archetype (Album)

In Flames – Sirens Charms (Album)

In The Guise Of Men – INK (EP)

Infectious Hate – Insanity Begins (EP)

Inner Reflections – Reset (Album)

Iron Bastards – Boogie Woogie Session (EP)


Jail – Keep On Rollin (EP)

Judas Priest – Redeemer Of Souls (Album)

Jumping Jack – Trucks & Bones (Album)


Klone – The Dreamer’s Hideway (Album)

Kombur – Catharsis (EP)

Kreator – Phantom Antichrist (Album)

Kyasma – Symphony For Technology (Album)


Lies – From The Ashes Of Our World (Album)

LizZard – Out Of Reach (Album)

Loading Data – Double Disco Animal Style (Album)

Locomuerte – Traicion Bendicion (Album)

Lodz – And Then Emptiness (EP)

Lodz – Something In Us Die (Album)

Lokurah – The Time To Do Better (Album)

Lopsides – Holda’s Grace (Album)

Lugh – Absent Minded (EP)


Malkavian _ The Worshipping Mass (LP)

Mantra – Into The Light (Album)

Marechal – Coup de Grisou (Album)

Mass Hysteria – L’Armée Des Ombres (Album)

Me Against The World – Find Your Way (EP)

Mekaora – Quelques Milliard D’Atomes (EP)

Memories Of A Dead Man – Ashes Of Joy (Album)

Metallica, The Movie: Through The Never (Album)

Mind Whispers – Cosmic Obedience  (Album)

Mur -Mur (Album)

My Imperium – Amongst The Ruins (EP)

My Man Mike – Will You Marry Me ? (Album)

Mylidian – Seven Lords (Album)


Nemost – As The Ocean Burns (Album)

Nippercreep – Annales Herpétiques (Album)

No Vale Nada – Le Coma Des Mortels (Album)

Nocturn – Nocturn (EP)

Nothing For Free – Spreeches Are Useless (Album)


Obscursis Romancia – Theatre Of Deception (Album)

Oestre – La Dernière Renaissance (Album)

Openightmare – Robert (Album)

Order Of 315 – Near-Birth Experience (Album)

Overwind – Illustrator (Album)

Oyster’s Reluctance – Sick Sad World (EP)


Pangora – Unleash The Kraken (Album)

Paramnesia – Paramnesia (LP)

Pet The Preacher – The Cave & The Sunlight ( Album)

Pictured – The Strand Of Time (Album)

Presumption – … Of The Grave (EP)

Psome – Oratorium (Album)

Psychanoïa – The Shadows In Me (EP)

Psygnosis – Human Be[ing] (Album)



Rash Panzer – Back On The Rocks (Album)

Raz’Rockette – New Direction (Album)

Republic Of Rock’n’Roll – Golden Place (Album)

Rising Blood – Heartless (Album)

Roadside Story – Kings Of The Underground (Album)


Sad & Insane – Departure (Album)

Scarred – Gaia/Medea (Album)

Scores – On The Road (EP)

Seil – From Streetlights To The Ocean (EP)

SentinHell – The Advent Of Shadows (Album)

Sick Sad Word – Murmuration (Album)

Sigh – In Somniphobia (Album)

Silent Down – Kleptocracy (Album)

Slovenly World – Alternate Ending (Album)

Smashed – Spontaneous Decomposition (EP)

Sombra Y Luz – Sombra Y Luz (Album)

Sound Of Memories – Living Circles (EP)

Stabwound – III Ritual (EP)

Steak – Corned Beef Colossus (EP)

Steel In Mind -Undying Rage (EP)

Steel Panther – All You Can Eat (Album)

Stone Remains – Addiction (Album)

Storm – Black Visions (EP)

Sweet Apple – The Golden Of Age Glitter (Album)

Sybernetyks – The Corporation (EP)

Sybreed – God Is An Automaton (Album)

Syndrom 187 – Syndrom 187 (Album)


Tad Morose – Revenant (Album)

Tehora – Paradox (EP)

Teska – Teska (Album)

Tess – La Confrérie (Album)

The Arrs – Héros Assassin (Album)

The Brutal Deceiver – Go Die One By One (Album)

The Dreat Old Ones – Tekeli-Li (EP)

The Long Escape – The Triptych (Album)

The Mars Chronicles (EP)

The Morganatics – Never Be Part Of Your World (Album)

The Treatment – Running With The Dogs (Album)

The Veil – An Electrical Sun (Album)

The Winged Seahorses – Existence (Album)

Thousand Raven – Sacred Flame (Album)

Three Seconds Rule -One More Steps (EP)

Trauma – Trauma (EP)


Unsafe – Evilution (Album)

Unstable – Unstable (EP)


Valium Tremens – Valium Tremens (EP)

Violence From Within – Idiocracy (Album)


Within Temptation – Hydra (Album)

Within Temptation – Whole Word Is Watching (Single)


Xandria – Sacrificium (Album)


Ys Theory – The March (Album)

Yugal – Enter The Madness (EP)

Yurakane – The Awakening (Album)


Zombie King – Calling The Unknown (EP)

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